RIv group

Building excellence

RIV GROUP is one of the most important real estate operators active on the Jesolo market.

A Real Estate Management & Property Company committed to the purchase, transformation and valorisation of building areas and buildings, with consolidated experience in real estate services, asset management and project management in partnership with top-level entities and professionals.

"Peter is a visionary, An enlightened and ambitious professional who is not afraid to challenge to achieve his lofty goals, These characteristics were the foundation of our collaboration on the design of the JLDD project"


Karpf Khalili Architects


Essentiality, beauty, avant-garde. Richard Meier is considered one of the most influential personalities in contemporary architecture. His Meier Partners studio, founded in 1963, has created iconic projects over the years that have become true works of living art. JLDD by Jesolo is one of his latest creations.

“I am creating a new concept of space, where to spend holidays and free time, using human dimensions as a unit of measurement”

Richard Meier

Karpf Khalili Architects

Karpf Khalili Architects creates architecture that is purposeful. We streamline the design process while staying focused on the project’s vision, drawing on our partners’ complementary skills and expertise. We bring clients into the creative act and design projects that intelligently respond to complex conditions. Our approach allows us to address contemporary issues—such as density, sustainability, and public space—with expediency and insight. We design all building types, and have deep experience with cultural, commercial, residential, and civic work.

Jacopo Mascheroni

JM Architecture, founded in 2005 by Jacopo Mascheroni and based in Milan, provides a wide range of architectural and design services, working internationally at different scales with private companies, real estate developers as well as private clients. Each one with a common purpose: to ignite a connection between architecture and people.


CZ Studio Associati deals with architectural and landscape projects and research for the transformation of urban, public, private spaces and the landscape design of energy infrastructures, mobility and management of environmental resources. A company from Mestre (Venice) that boasts projects published in books and magazines internationally.


The Antonello & Associati Technical Studio has been operating in the field of architecture and engineering for more than 40 years, mainly in the Jesolo area.


Drawing on its 40 years of experience, F&M Engineering is a leader in creating exceptional design solutions for large-scale civil engineering, infrastructure and sustainability projects. With work completed and underway throughout Italy and the world, the company focuses on the renovation and redevelopment of the locations at the heart of its projects.