The Beach Houses

The Beach Houses, located on the waterfront and consisting of ten floors, features 74 luxurious residences and beach amenities, with great sea views and private gardens. Meier’s design reflects the combination of light and space that characterizes both residence life and outdoor activities. All apartments have views of the pools, sun terrace and gardens.

Uncompromising Elegance

The design of the open spaces, by CZ Studio, is an integral part of the new residential complex and is configured as a transition between the public space, the access to the building, the private areas and gardens and the beach of Jesolo.

This subdivision aims to restore spatial configurations as ‘fluid’ as possible, working on the continuation of the architectural elements of the building (cantilevered brick separations, wall benches, etc.) and on the use of ‘bands’ of shrubby vegetation, to ensure privacy in the transitions between public and private space, while maintaining visual continuity with the Adriatic Sea and the beach.

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Piazza Le Corbusier, 130016 | Jesolo (VE)